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We will make farming as simple as playing Farmville. By doing this we will rebuild Portugal’s economy through removing all the middlemen and giving 95% of the profits back to the farmers and SMEs through a platform which allows them to co-exist in a market with businesses of the same size. Once our pilot has proven successful we will implement this platform in every developing country in the world where we will be able to increase salaries of those living on less than a dollar a day to over 10 dollars.

Who are you?

Currently we are two very passionate people aiming to bring prosperity back to the rural areas of Portugal and eventually the world. Daniel (our founder) has a background in peace and development having worked across the world managing programs and dedicating himself to bring equality to the world. Greg has a passion for making people happy, and has thus excelled in managing human resources and customer satisfaction in his previous jobs. Together we aim to empower small scale farmers and SMEs through the redistribution of wealth.

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Small scale farmers across Portugal are struggling to compete with massive cheap bulk imports made by supermarkets. The quality of food which you can find in big cities is far from and high as it could be. The vegetables and fruits end up tasteless due to cold storage and months of being shipped, but when you go to rural areas of Portugal and taste the vegetables and fruits which the farmers grow it's like entering into another dimension where the flavour explodes with every bite. This is not a problem exclusive to Portugal, it is happening across the global with 94% of farmers world wide being small scale farmers with land under 5 ha. However we are focusing our pilot in Portugal as we believe it has the perfect conditions and market to launch our platform with 72.3% of farmers in Portugal being small scale along with over 50% of the country covered in farm-able land. With our platform we will be able to redistribute the wealth, empower farmers and SMEs across Portugal initially, eventually expanding across world boosting developing economies significantly whilst ultimately giving the power back to the people of the world.

Where will the money go?

Our platform is already being developed and we are creating some fantastic partnerships, our goal is focused more on raising support rather than money as we have found that support has given us so much more than money ever could. However, if our target is hit we will be able to speed up our process significantly!

If we hit our target of £50 000 we will spend it on events, fairs and markets to promote local Portuguese produce and SMEs, in order to attract users, SMEs and farmers to our platform but also to raise awareness of the quality of local produce which is out there.

If we go beyond our target we will find use any extra capital to secure extra benefits and incentives for farmers, SMEs and agricultural co-operations. We will focus heavily on raising awareness of local produce and the benefits of buying directly from the farmers, we will also be able to focus our efforts on creating a better connection between mainland Portugal and its islands of Madeira and Azores.

We will be posting updates at least once a week, we will make sure that you are all engaged and involved in our work and progress.


We promote sustainable living and self production. We love home farms and small producers so for every donation above 5 euros we will send you a Lettuce Grow seed package for your garden so you can prepare yourself for when our platform arrives to your country!

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Post-Win speech (starts at 1:57): http://videos.sapo.pt/HKKLOmLz6w3VeOfYsvV4

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Help us succeed!

In order for us to succeed more than money we need your support! This a platform by people for the people, so what we really need is the love and support of every person out there. So please like us on Facebook, share our posts and keep yourself, family and friends updated on our progress. We are looking for all kinds of partnerships which we can help our users with, if you have a company which has a service which can benefit small scale farmers and SMEs, we want to talk to you! If you're just a person who loves fresh food and wants to help farmers, spreading the word about our platform is the greatest thing you could ever do to support us! So please give us your love and support so we can all grow together. Lettuce come together and Lettuce Grow together!

3 months, 2 weeks ago

We would like to begin by thanking everybody for the immense amount of support we have received. Firstly, we realised we got so caught up in the cause we forgot to explain the concept. What we are doing is not a farm-to-door concept, we are simply facilitating the market for small scale farmers and SMEs through proximity.We are developing a platform which will allow farmers, SMEs and co-ops focus on what they do best, produce and sell. Farmers will be able to login to the platform, list the produce they have available and the quantity, after which they will chose the distance they would be able to go to deliver. Example, Nuno the farmer has 20kg of tomates which he is willing to go 20km to deliver, he the presses search and the proximity meter will show him all the SMEs within that radius which are looking for tomatoes. He will then be able to contact a SME of his choice directly to sell his tomatoes to. For an SME, they need to register their business with the authorities and find a location, once they have done that they may sign up to our platform and instantly find suppliers near them through the proximity meter. Their business will also be listed on the proximity meter allowing consumers to easily find them when they are searching for produce near them. SMEs will have free business profiles and e-stores for increased digital exposure, saving them thousands in development and maintenance costs. Co-operations will be able to find producers near them which they may try to recruit, likewise farmers will be able to easily find Co-ops near them if they wish to join one. Co-operations will also be able to find SMEs to supply through the proximity meter as well as be able to host events and announce as well as promote them through our platform. Consumers will be able to find the freshest local produce at an SME near them. They will be able to browse the SME profile to see which services they offer (such as delivery) as well as shop online and prepay/order delivery through the e-store. When browsing the e-store the consumer will be able to see the exact origin and harvest date to allow for full trace-ability. This is how our platform will function, we are not providing the logistics, although we are working on a free/low cost logistics service with a partner which we will provide our farmers with. We simply facilitate the market, allow small farmers and businesses compete in a fair market. We are currently finding partners which can further facilitate the life of small scale farmers and SMEs, such as farm management systems, consultancy services, bio-certifiers and the list goes on. Basically any service which can help our users and increase collaboration. We have been accelerated at Start-up Sintra and Incubated at Impact Hub Lisbon, we will soon be holding a hackathon here in Lisbon to have our platform developed much faster so that we can launch soon. Thank you for your continued support! We will keep you updated!

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